Zombie Apocalypse - Gamemode & Website Update!

Zombie Apocalypse - July 2021 Update

As of July 2021, Zombie Apocalypse has finally received a long-awaited update!

This update includes a whole bunch of new features such as settings (/settings) & achievements (/achs or /achievements), there is also a /duel which allows you to be able to toggle the admin announcements screen text on or off! A special thanks go to our developer ColdBrain for his great work!

Our website has also received some awesome new features such as a brand new onlinelist that is much more stable than the previous one, the ability to track each achievement progress, and much more!

Server Updates | Website Updates

Welcome to Zombie Apocalypse!

You can check if any of your friends are online and join them!

Our San Andreas Multiplayer (SAMP) server is powered by C++ and provides a wide range of features, including TDM, Survival, Events, and much more! We aim to provide something fun for everyone!

On our website, you can sign up for a server account, use the UCP to modify your account details and gaming preferences, check out server statistics, we also have a page for the players we have, see who is controlling what & also we have pages for achievements, see our list of achievements and list of 15 most achievements, and utilize our forum to keep up with what's going on in the server. We also offer you a chance to be apart of one of our many gangs within the server! Please see the navigation menu above for the choices available to you.

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